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Drunk man wakes up in limo and drives it home

by Staff Writer

Drunk man wakes up in limo and drives it home

A reveler in Nebraska who had been travelling on a 40ft limo bus as part of a group of friends is now facing criminal charges as its alleged he woke up in the limo and proceeded to drive the vehicle to his home last weekend. 30-year-old Steven Hunter was caught after his wallet was found onboard the limo after the giant party bus was found parked up a few streets from his home in the Mid West of America.

Police believe the man had passed out in the toilet area of the 40ft long limousine after having a few too many. At 3:30am the chauffeur parked the limo back at the limo hire company’s depot, leaving the keys inside the vehicle. When the limo company boss arrived at the depot the following morning and found the $80,000 limo bus missing, he raised the alarm with the police.

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Published: October 14, 2011

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