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Bentley Flying Spur Limo

by Staff Writer

All about the Bentley Flying Spur Limo

Announce your birth." You'll notice exactly why the popular Bentley motto is accurate as soon as you take a seat inside the passenger seat of the Bentley Flying Spur limo. Bentley is world famous and recognized for being the finest in its class, and class is one thing the Flying Spur limo has in abundance. The Bentley limo is a tempting and roomy limo that has the heart and soul of the most breath taking high end limo sedans in the world.

The  Bentley Flying Spur limo is one of the industry's most potent yet luxurious sedans. The most recent model of Bentleys are amongst the world's speediest four door luxury limo vehicles. The Flying Spur is custom created at Bentley's only production center in Crewe, England, providing its unique and well-known meticulous build and quality. The most recognized of client knows the true luxury which arrives with the Bentley name. The limo sedan can comfortably seat 5 passengers with 4 pieces of luggage.

Unrivaled hand crafted workmanship and with exceptional state of the art engineering & development offers this exceptional vehicle the position of being the most sold automobile in its class. The Bentley Flying Spur limo presents its travelers an improved ride quality that is second to none. The Bentley Flying Spur limo features supple luxurious hand sewed deep leather in azure and portifino seating, genuine wood grain highlights and high end audio/video systems to please the senses.  Authentic Walnut wood trims, Individual Air conditioning controls and back massage are common on this remarkable vehicle. Add an enhanced terrestrial Television system and CD quad phonic surround sound system; you possess almost everything you need for the ideal journey.

This Bentley limo is perfect for the following events:

  • Prom events
  • Limo Services
  • Corporate events

While you journey to your location you can take pleasure in the fully packed characteristics in the latest limo model including: flexible suspension damping, nineteen-inch wheels, 4 zone programmed climate control, navigation, and a top quality audio system and Wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

The Bentley Flying Spur limo has a beast of an engine.
The Bentley limo has a W12 engine which produces power in the range of 552 bhp and 479 ft-lbs. of torque at only 1,600 rpm. Paired with a full-time all-wheel drive system, those 12 cylinders can push all 5,456 lbs. of the Flying Spur limo from 0 to 60 mph in an approximated 4.9 seconds. Once a secure cruising speed is attained you'll begin questioning why everyone else is proceeding sluggish. They’re not, you’re performing over 100 mph and don't realize it because the Bentley limo remains so stable and serene at speed. Are  you ready for the Bentley limo experience? Take the next step today and receive a free limousine quote.


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