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Common Limo Rental Questions

by Staff Writer

Common Limo Rental Questions

When renting a limousine it’s always a good idea to be well prepared. Having a list of common limo rental questions ready to ask will make things easier.  Below are a series of common questions you should ask when considering a limousine rental.

Business related limo questions. These questions are focused towards the limo rental business.

Verify that the limo rental service company is insured. Many people assume that a limo rental company is licensed however this may not be the case.
Find out if the company is affiliated with any industry associations. Examples include the National Limousine Association

Vehicle Related Questions
Understanding a limo rental company’s available stock is very important. Knowing this knowledge will offer you a bigger picture on the company & your options. Here are some common questions you ought to ask:

  • What types of limousine vehicles are obtainable?
  • How many people will comfortably slot in each vehicle?
  • What colors are obtainable for each vehicle?
  • How many limos do you have & what is your policy if the reserved one breaks down?
  • What standard and optional amenities are included with the package?
  • Is food permitted in the vehicles?
  • Does the chauffeur know the specified driving area well?
  • What year, make, model and color of the vehicle you desire?
  • Can you mail or e-mail pictures of your vehicle inventory?

Pricing Questions

  • Do you have any special wedding packages (cost, hours, etc)?
  • What is the minimum hours that need to be requested?

Asking these questions will keep you ahead of the game and will allow you to watch for any caveats. Take the next step today to reserve your limousine.

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