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Luxury Limo Car Rental Tips

by Staff Writer

Luxury Limo Car Rental Tips

Show your peers that you own the road by using a luxury car limo rental service. A common toy for high level executives and presidents. For those who seek perfection, elegance, power, security and style, this is your class. Luxury car limo rental services offer you the highest level of privacy and safety.

There are many typical uses for a requesting a luxury car limo rental service including the following:

  • Weddings
  • Proms
  • Corporate Events
  • Restaurant Travel
  • Sightseeing Trips

There is literally an executive library and selection of luxury car limo rental brands available in this category. We will cover two notable and popular luxury car limos next:

Bentley Flying Spur Luxury Car Limo Rental

The Bentley Flying Spur luxury car limo rental is a masterpiece of engineering and styling. Ridiculously powerful and lightning fast and supremely comfortable. It’s like having your own private jet for the road. The Bentley Flying Spur luxury car limo rental offers spacious rear legroom and provides total comfort for all passengers. The Bentley Flying Spur luxury car limo rental offers unparalleled levels of comfort and with unmistakable Bentley style and class with DVD players, panoramic sunroofs and massaging seats. The Bentley luxury car limo rental has a stunning cabin that uses exquisite Bentley design and craftsmanship to create a spacious, welcoming interior. The Flying Spur luxury car limo rental has a beast of an engine at 552 horsepower.

Rolls Royce Phantom Luxury Limo Sedan

The Rolls Royce Phantom luxury car limo rental is one of the world’s most magnificent cars.  You are guaranteed to savor and enjoy every minute of this exceptional experience. The Rolls Royce Phantom luxury car limo rental offers exquisite quality of workmanship, performance and outstanding passenger comfort. You will be amazed as you step into the car through the independently opening rear coach doors and settle into the elegant wraparound lounge seats, you will notice that they are positioned alongside the rear pillar, providing more legroom - and greater privacy - than other luxury car limo rental sedans.

When combined with the state-of-the art suspension technologies, the Rolls Royce Phantom luxury car limo rental creates an air-cushioned 'magic carpet ride' that is unique to Rolls Royce. This adds to the calm, quiet ambience inside by isolating passengers from road noise and the flat floor leaves plenty of space to stretch out.

Look inside each coach door of this luxury car limo rental sedan and you will find an umbrella with quick release system for leaving the car during inclement weather. Closing the door is usually a job for the driver - but in the Phantom you can, if you wish, simply push a button - and door closes automatically.

The Rolls Royce near silent engine gives you the peace and quiet you need to relax, write at the fold-down maple writing desks, consult your laptop - or do anything else you may normally find tricky to manage in a chauffeured car. Or if you fancy some music to accompany you on your way, the vehicle’s sound system – with 15 discreet speakers - is nothing less than breathtaking. Why not reserve your luxury limo today and see what you're missing.


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